Defending Kyle Kendrick for Friday’s loss…

I was checking out various Phillies-related blogs, and I came upon one entitled LONG DRIVE. I will not advertise for said blog, but whatever, that’s not the point. My point is that, while yes the easiest to blame for last Friday’s loss to the Red Sox is Kyle Kendrick.


The writers on said blog did not look at the situation Kyle was thrown into: Tie game in extra innings, against of all teams the Boston Red Sox, as a reliever, not a starter. I mean look at the difficultly of the situation your throwing the kid into.

The quote from pitching coach Rich Dubee: “No, but it’s not fair to judge his secondary stuff in that scenario.” After the game, Kendrick as demoted back down to triple-A Lehigh Valley. Quoting Dubee, “This had nothing to do with performance, and that’s what we told Kyle… This would have happened regardless of how well or how poorly he pitched. He wasn’t going to work on his secondary stuff sitting in the bullpen here.”

It turns out that Kendrick was overthrowing or “throwing through” his sinker. And when you overthrow anything, the pitch will be elevated and hittable. Kyle has to learn not to overthrow his sinker. Or in Dubee’s words: “He has to learn to control his sinker and not throw through his sinker, that’s why the ball got elevated.”

Of course said blog [LONG DRIVE], could of mentioned that the Phillies offense struckout an amazing 20-some odd times. And had several opportunities in the ninth and in extras to put the game away. And that the Phillies offense left an ungodly amount of runners on base and/or in scoring position.

Here is my defense of KK: the big guns of the Phillies fell silent: Rollins (0-6), Utley (0-5), Werth (0-4), Victorino (0-5), Howard (1-6) and Ruiz (1-5). That’s a combined (2-31: 14 K, 4 BB, 13 LOB) 

These guys wanted to throw someone under the bus and the easiest was Kyle. And these guys call themselfs Phillies phans? These people are probably the same people who booed Brett Myers, Pat Burrell, and Jimmy Rollins.

Of course these guys made Kyle their “****** of the Day”. I apologize for the langauge.


It doesn’t matter: Kyle I am still a big fan of yours! Hopefully we see you in July, August, or September 


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